The Future of
Carbon Credits

C12 is a transparent, efficient, and democratic marketplace built on blockchain technology, empowering you to trade carbon credits with confidence, while unlocking a new era of defi possibilities.

Seamless Chain of Custody

No more complexities. Our platform streamlines the chain of custody, making trading a breeze.

Impeccable Authenticity

Trust is non-negotiable. Every credit is authenticated on our blockchain, leaving no room for doubt.

Price Discovery Made Easy

Say goodbye to uncertainty. C12 offers transparent price discovery, giving you the insights you need.

Beyond Trading

C12 is not just a marketplace; it's a hub of innovation. With DeFi integration, we're paving the way for a new era of possibilities.

Taking The Industry Forward


Whether you're an organization seeking compliance or an individual driven by social responsibility, C12 welcomes you. Discover a seamless way to purchase carbon credits while contributing to positive change

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Large corporations or NGOs, C12 is your gateway to generating revenue from your carbon credits. Don't let lack of access hold you back – we empower you to turn your credits into tangible value.

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The gatekeepers of integrity. Auditors play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, ensuring accurate credit assessment and retirement. Join us in revolutionizing carbon credit auditing.

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Mainstream or institutional, if you're looking to diversify your portfolio with a groundbreaking new asset class, C12 offers you the gateway. Carbon credit trading, now at your fingertips.

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How It Works

Through blockchain cryptographic guarantees, C12 ensures an unbroken, unforgeable, end-to-end chain of custody. At any time, you can verify credit authenticity, review audit results, and confirm auditor attestations.



Organisations register their created credits on our platform, which makes them visible and available on the blockchain



Auditors certify these credits, and proof is issued onchain with mathematically secure attestations.



These credits can now change hands. Like with any other commodity, sellers can list them for sale on our marketplace, list them on our exchange, add liquidity to our defi ecosystem, or sell directly to compliant authorized buyers.



Credits are retired, a certificate of retirement is generated. This is mathematically secured and unforgeable. Once retired, credits can no longer be traded.

Beyond Carbon Credits

A World First

C12 is rewriting the playbook. We're carving a new path, merging finance and sustainability into a unified force.

Impact, Amplified

Your investments can fuel change. With C12, you're not just trading – you're incentivizing sustainability on a global scale.

Welcome to Defi + Sustainability

Embrace the future. C12's DeFi integration takes financial products to uncharted territories, igniting a new era of opportunity.

Join the Movement

Invest, trade, and be a part of an evolution that's not just about profit – it's about securing our planet's future.

At C12 innovation meets impact.

We're rewriting the rules of finance and sustainability. We are opening up unprecedented possibilities while incentivizing a greener future. We're not just trading carbon credits; we're trading trust trustlessly, building an ecosystem that bridges profit and purpose like never before.

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